Downton Abbey & Upstairs Downstairs (new) Comparison Picspam
downton - mary

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I love both of these, so very much. I've watched them more times than is healthy, and that was before I started this (kinda epic) picspam. It spiralled away from me a bit. I added some analysis to the pics, because well, I wanted to. VERY image-heavy, and spoilery for all episodes of Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs, with some speculation & mild spoilers about s2 of each. Hope you like!

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Icons: Jack/Rose; Ten/Jack/Rose (+1 wallpaper)
jack/ten/rose - team tardis
Disclaimer: Not so good at the whole graphics thing, I generally poke at the caps until they look okay. I made these Jack/Rose icons for a RP and while I was capping I decided I wanted some OT3 icons too (because, well, they're awesome!) And a wallpaper too. Decided to stick them up here in case anyone else is interested.


10 - Jack/Rose (1 Boom Town; 3 Parting of the Ways; 6 Stolen Earth/Journey's End)
10 - Ten/Jack/Rose (Journey's End)

1 - Ten/Jack/Rose Wallpaper (1280x800, Journey's End)


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