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HIMYM/BSG picspam

Why BSG's Unfinished Business and HIMYM's Tick, Tick, Tick are the same episode.

Seven hundred years ago, I was a massive K/L shipper and involved with the BSG fandom. I love the show, still, will always feel nostalgic about it but haven't been fannish about it in a while. But while watching HIMYM this week, a lot of things seemed familiar.

So. There is a couple who aren't a couple really but have HISTORY: (Barney/Robin, and Kara/Lee)


But they're both involved with other people: (Nora & Kevin, and Sam & Dee)


But they have CHEMISTRY, you see. So this happens:


And then they do sex. BOTH shows shortchange us with the sex scene, so I don't have any caps. We barely see a glimpse of Barney and Robin falling to the bed, and the little we have of Kara and Lee is horribly, horribly lit. But it happens. And it's no doubt very hot.

(side note: apologies for the UB caps - I have no idea where my BSG DVDs are to get better caps. Also, the LIGHTING in that scene is so awful, I will never not be bitter.)

But after the sex, comes AWKWARDNESS:


And then, FEELINGS. Barney and Lee pour their heart out, say that they should break up with their significant others. They are adorably earnest. But Robin and Kara seem terrified. And they both seem to want to be sure that the boys are serious. ("Why do you even like me?"/"Are you sure I'm what you want?")


MY HEART. At this point I'm making incoherent squeaking noises (while watching HIMYM, the way the BSG ep was structured I knew this would end in PAIN - actually, it being BSG meant I knew it would end in pain).

So. Some time passes. Barney and Lee are very happy that they seem to have worked things out with their awesome, violent, gun toting girlfriends:


... oh, boys. Because, of course, Robin and Kara are terrified of all of this. And so, when they see each other:


Yes. The girls went back to Kevin/Sam. You can actually see their hearts shatter into a million pieces. BOYS. The girls are SO guilty and sad and messed up. Robin gains points for not marrying Kevin, but loses them for taking him to the place that she was meant to be meeting up with Barney.


CAN'T I JUST HUG ALL FOUR OF THEM? My heart, you guys.

Finally, though, the most striking resemblence between the episodes - when not focused on the ship being epically angsty and broken and messed up, they're following some other characters get very stoned:


I'm honestly surprised Ted didn't offer Barney nachos as he cleared Robin's bed at the very end.

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